Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Before The Riots Start

Anne Appelbaum has a short list of things that are very likely true about elections here. I will now be turning off my computer, and avoiding listening to the radio, or watching television, or reading anything besides books and my own résumé, until at least tomorrow. If you have any more thoughts to contribute to the discussion of a few posts ago, please feel free to do so. I've greatly enjoyed reading all of your posts, and should you post any more I shall attempt to respond to them tomorrow.

Now I just have to lock my door and put the fire department on speed dial, before Ann Arborites take to the streets and party like they live in East Lansing (which is to say, very badly).


Cecilia said...

just as long as ann arbor doesn't party like it's columbus...worst. city. ever.

L. H. Lynch said...

Since learning German, I keep noting German words popping up places, particularly in last names. I originally read Anne Appelbaum's last name as "Apfeltree," "apfel" being German for "apple," and "tree" being English for "baum."