Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Come on, take me to the mardi gras..."

It's Fat Tuesday, boys and girls! Yeah, I barely noticed either. I didn't even get around to going and buying paczkis or anything. Oh well, maybe next year. Ooh, now (21:30 EST) I'm suddenly feeling tempted to run out and buy paczkis right bleedin' now. Not even kidding. Just the thought of stuffing my face with a huge, custard-filled, powdered-sugar monstrosity makes me salivate at the moment. You know what? I'm going to. I'll be back.


Maggie&Suzie said...

hey handsome. happy to hear you are eating something fattening :D i definitely had one for breakfast and we all know i didn't need it, unlike some scrawny people we know :D how's it going? things are busy busy here at the office but good. just got back from a long weekend at Gethsemani which was awesome. i wanna be a monk when i grow up. hope you're well. see you soon!

berdingo said...

mmmmmmmm..... paczkis..... stinkin lent... have to give up mortal sin again.... no more paczkis...

watching Geno try to eat a whole blueberry jelly paczki was entirely entertaining, though. Almost as entertaining as watching Hannah react to the oozes of jelly and knowledge of the deep sugar he was intaking. he he he. good times.

well, hope things are great down in the hizzydale.