Thursday, November 03, 2005

Donna eis requiem

A bit of a crazy week thus far, although that doesn't leave me too much of my own life that's actually worth relating. "Today, I did homework and took tests, and tommorow I'm writing a paper." Fantastic. The good news of the day (and good news it is) is that my first neice was born today, a healthy little kiddo with blue eyes (duh), weighing in at a little over eight pounds. She was born at about noon, and I got the news a little after two, which for my family may in fact be the fastest communication on record. Anyways, that's far and away the coolest thing to happen all week. The only problem is that the kid was born just a few days after the end of my four-day weekend at home, and there's almost no chance whatsoever of my being able to come home this comming weekend, which leaves the time at which I'll be able to meet the new bundle of joy a complete mystery. Oh well, I'll figure something out. The rest of the week is looking about par for the course, research to be doing for papers to be writing, piano lesson to practice for, my life to sort out, etc... The break was a lot of fun, I didn't really do much except hang out with sibs and friends and girlfriend and go to a few parties. Considering that I don't usually celebrate holloween, this one was actually pretty fun, and I getting to see my friends in goofy costumes was nothing but a good time. Anyways, that's all for now. I'm sorry about the relative brevity of today's post, I'll try to give more updates as events occur.


Maggie&Suzie said...

Congrats uncle D! its okay, i'm sure you'll make an impression on said new niece whenever you can visit-- lil munchkins don't have the greatest memory, so i'm sure she won't hold it against you that you didn't see her for the first few weeks of her life :D good luck on all that hard work, school business... way to go!!

Lindsey said...

Yeah new Uncle!! So excited, still. I can't wait to see her either, which will probably happen sometime around when you see her. i.e not for weeks. Sigh. Babies are so cute. Hoorah on your research too...;)