Thursday, November 10, 2005

November, Part II

I did it again this morning. After showering and brushing my teeth, I put shaving cream into my hand, put it on my face, rinsed the excess shaving cream off my hand, and shaved (No, I promise I won't give you my whole day with this much detail). Why is it that I never manage to put the right amount of shaving cream in my hand? I always, always put too much shaving cream on my hand, and then always end up rinsing it down the drain. I've been shaving how long? Since I was fourteen? I don't even know. Ye gads, how much shaving cream have I wasted in that time? How much money have I wasted on shaving cream that I never ended up using? Aaaaaaaaah! I'm a failure! Ok, sorry. That was the random thought of the day, I apologize. The rest of the day was pretty normal (actually, come to think of it, so was shaving), not much to report. It's been quite windy today, and for the first time in years I had short hair and wanted to wear a hat. This is not to say that I haven't worn hats in years, mind you, I often wear hats. Ok, why am I even talking about this? Moving along.

Reens finally got her Lucy pics developed and sent them to me this morning, I have to admit that I got a bit choked up. I haven't seen every baby in the world ever, but she definitely has to be the most gorgeous of the bunch. Alright, this is ridiculous. I'm giving up sleep to post on my stupid blog. I'm going on my evening walk, and then to bed. Good night.


Maggie&Suzie said...

awwww. i even got honorable mention in the dcous blog... (twirl and giggle). Lucy is the most beautiful baby ever! She asked about you yesterday when she stopped in at the office... i tried to explain about college and lots of work and responsibility, but she just yawned and went back to sleep. i think she understands :D Geno calls her "Luhy" -funny funny boy. ya know that picture with the 3 boys lined up with Gram's statue, he kept pointing to the statue and saying "Owen"...uh, nope, tahts a statue... uncle O isn't that stiff, or peach colored :D Love ya D.

Kate said...

"I'm giving up sleep to post on my stupid blog..."

And we appreciate the sacrifice. Really we do!

I like the new profile bit too.

And yes, Lucy is definately tops for gorgeous babies. It helps that she had a short and easy trip down the birth canal - I've never seen a baby so young look so unsquashed!

Lindsey said...

Hey hey, thanks for the shaving story, sorry you seem to waste your cream. Can't say I have that issue, the more the better in my legs' opinions.

Second the Lucy Gorgeous Baby motion.

berdingo said...


November does bring a lot of crazy things. Weird weather, deep thoughts on shaving, Kwame reelected, and now this:

I heard about it on the news recently and thought I would look it up to see if 'twas true. I was wondering if you had any reaction to your environs now being lorded over by a veritable young 'un.

Do you know him? Did you get to cast one of the votes that pushed him over the top? Could you beat him up? Does he get a groovy mansion like Kwame? Does his house have an awesome name like "The Testosterdome" or "The Playground"? Does he need/get "body guards" (ie. thug friends) and a police escort?

I'm looking forward to another update.

Keep on keepin' on.