Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"We're gonna break the monster's back"

"The Edge is from the future" explained Bono, in a really weird introduction to the song "Miracle Drug," from U2's newest record How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Silly as the following ad-libbed story about Edge's (yeah, that's what he calls himself) arrival in Dublin on a spaceship may have been, I'm tempted to agree with Bono's (again, yeah) assertion about his bandmate. From the opening notes of "City of Blinding Lights," through the rattle and hum of "Bullet The Blue Sky" (during which Bono sang lines from "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again" and Edge went into a lengthy prog-rock solo), to an acoustic encore of "Stuck in a Moment" and "Yaweh," and not forgetting to stop along the way to play such classics as "With Or Without You," "I Will Follow," and "Still Haven't Found," (to name a few), the band put on what I can only describe as one heluva concert. Bono's dramatic flair, not to mention his great vocals, was out in full force, The Edge was rocking his guitar like the world was about to end and he knew how to get off of it, and Larry and Adam (who either couldn't think up funny pseudonyms for themselves or shunned them in an attempt at balancing things) rocked steadily and heavily enough to keep it all perfectly together. Showmanship and spectacle were also a big part of the show, with crazy lighting, crowd pleasing antics, and the slight smile that stayed on Adam's face for the entire show.A highlight for me was when the lights went up to reveal Larry Mullen and half of a drum kit moved to the front of the circular stage (it encompassed part of the audience), from which he dramatically played the song standing up, until the bridge, at which point he ran back to his kit at the back of the stage, leaving Bono at the front of the stage to don a white headband and bang on the drums like an excited child, until Larry Started the now instantly recognizeable drum intro to "Sunday Bloody Sunday." So cool.
Anyhoo, I'm going on break starting after class tommorow and lasting until monday, which I'm ridiculously excited about, so between an amazing concert, three days of classes, and a four-day weekend, this is looking to be a pretty darn cool week. Anyways, I wish you all a good week whatever you're doing, maybe I'll run into some of you in the next few days. Here's another few pictures of u2 live, although none of them were taken by me.Yay Larry! Yay normal-named members of U2!


Maggie&Suzie said...

hey you! I had no idea you had tickets too! I'm so jealous! sigh. looks and sounds like a great show. how fun. and nice that you get a long weekend and short week (oops, now i'm jealous again). so lets hang out while you're around, okay? Maggie will show you her new Bono impression... and Suzie will show you her springs... okay, so maggie doesn't do a bono impression, but Zu has springs instead of legs... thats kinda fun... and you can see the newly redone living room... okay, luv ya. see you this weekend.

Lindsey said...

I am caught up on your blog now! I feel like a loser for being so behind but school being school, I'm sure you'll understand and maybe (?) forgive me. I'll try to up my readership from now on, your posts are always great.

I shall now attempt to reply to a bunch of them:
U2 Concert: I think I knew about that, but had forgotten! The couple I babysit for were also at that show, they had only good things to say about it.

Your Visit: Glad you had fun ;) Even if I was obsessed with both fonts and football. I confess, I am only getting worse nerd-wise. I mean, come on! They used Papyrus! PAPYRUS!! One among many fonts that has been destroyed by mainstream and way tacky use. It nestles up there with Mistral and Zapfino on my Font Death List. Zapfino may look pretty but it's death to kern or modify, and mistral is just plain tacky and it's FRIGGIN EVERYWHERE, especially on those dog awful, WordArt infested, Clip Artified flyers that promote Aztec Awareness Afternoon. But enough about fonts. I know that you secretly really enjoyed Serenity. Admit it, it was like a not-as-good Star Wars! I loved it, but I also had the benefit of prior knowledge having watched the TV series, which is indescribably funny. I'll have to talk to Kara about it...

"chess games in which the kings and queens have hemophilia and die after three turns." :) Loved it.

Aaron Burr: very interesting historical stuff, I think I might have heard his name once or twice in elementary school. Poor guy, condemned to merely being mentioned (once or twice). But then, dude, he was in a DUEL! It's not often these days that you hear about a good old-fashioned duel. So sad really. Does nobody defend their true love's honor anymore? Or at least fight over opera singers?

Hmmm, looking back at the length of this comment, I now realize the importance of regular reading of your blog. I further repent and will avoid the near occasion of sin (which may be laughing at the people who don't push hard enough on the library doors here and smack themselves silly on the glass).

berdingo said...

So, you got to go to the U2 concert. Sweet! Too bad it couldn't have been as good as UM vs Penn State.... punk.

I hope you're enjoying your break. It was good to see you briefly last night, along with your main squeeze. Hope the prank was excellent!

D.Cous. said...

Darn it all, some poopheads didn't let me use the picture of Larry off their site. Some people are just no fun. Yup, U2 were great, break was fun, good to see folks (sorry it was only for a second, B), carve pumpkins, go to parties, etc... Highlights for the weekend included (but were not limited to) a great dinner with Linds & Sara at Reenie's place (although Zu was a bit... frisky), and my cousin Zach dressed as Freddy Mercury. Don't ask, just picture it and laugh.

Kate said...

For your viewing pleasure:
It's on topic, I swear.
(Gui really liked it too)