Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"My mind is on the brink..."

Hello one and one. Thanks to Gec and Reens for eventually posting on last week's balogna (no pun intended) post. Yes, I am aware of how bad it was. That said, our commitment to mediocrity here at D.Cous. Enterprises ensures that last week's post will most likely not go down on record for any period of time as our worst post. Also, it appears that I was wrong in my calculation of a good time to post regularly on this thing, since I said Tuesday Afternoon, and the last three posts have been a full day later. So, how does Wednesday sound? Good? Good. The week thus far has been a bit exhausting, due to an abnormal load of papers and tests and all. I didn't get anything done school-wise over the weekend, as I skipped town on Friday and headed up to pay a visit to the girlfriend. I apparently picked both a good and a bad weekend to do so (not that I really picked the time, I was invited), since I had a great time visiting Lindsey, but two of my brothers called me to invite me to stuff back home that same weekend. All in all, I got the better end of the deal to be sure, but I did miss a rock concert with Neil and Garrett, and an epic U of M game with B. Why do I not get calls like this on the weekends when I'm going home? The weekend was fun, Saturday was big for college football, which we followed on and off while tailgaiting at the Grand Valley vs. Saginaw Valley game with some of Lindsey's friends and some folks from the community there (I got a few of those "I knew your parents years ago" introductions). I met my oldest brother's fifth grade teacher, and my sister's former roomate's mother (no kidding, it's that small a world). The game itself was crowded and very spirited, I'm pretty confident that I was the only one in the student section who was wearing a Hillsdale sweatshirt (GVSU and SVSU both destroyed my school this year). We also (at Lindsey's insistence) went and saw the film Serenity over the weekend, which was not the best space western I've ever seen (yes, there are more, and I know how nerdy that claim makes me sound), but it was really pretty entertaining. That may not actually be a controlled experiment in film reviewing though, since watching nearly any movie with Lindsey is funnier, and no, I'm not trying to sound cute. She pointed out/made fun of the fonts used for every peice of text in the credits and previews (the text in the movie, except for the name of the ship, is all in chinese for some reason, I guess the future's weird). Anyways, I should go in search of my first meal of the day, maybe I'll add in smaller posts from time to time inbetween the weeklies. Over and out.


Kate said...

Liam and I were thinking of watching Serenity, though we may rent the tv show (firefly) first and then watch the movie when it hits the video stores.

Keep blogging and I'll keep reading.

D.Cous. said...

I've never seen the tv show, but it got cancelled early on and therefore can't be very long. The movie doesn't really bother to introduce characters and the world much and stuff. Like I said, the jury's still out on the movie. It was entertaining, but that might've been the company.

Maggie&Suzie said...

good post- even if it is a day late :D jk. glad you made it up to visit your honey :) sounds like a fun weekend. rumor has it you might be in town next weekend- in which case i'd love to see you... gotta dump off some more garden stuffs :D jk. anyway, cheerio- blessings on the studies ad papers and all of that.

oh and i haven't seen serenity or firefly, but kara was watching the DVDs of firefly and laughing her head off in the basement a week or two ago... don't know if thats a good sign or not. and maybe it was the vicadin... hmmm.