Thursday, July 19, 2007

You heard it here last

Ok, so I'm guessing that both of my readers already know this, but last Friday (yes, the 13th, and no, I don't care) I took Lindsey out for dinner, and afterwards over a game of Legos in the Arboretum asked her to marry me. The negotiations that followed were a little tense at times, and I ended up promising her my firstborn (actually, I think all and any potential offspring, I have to re-read some of the paperwork), not to mention exclusive rights to the remote control, and I might have to get rid of that one really faded t-shirt that she hates, but in the end she said she'd consider it, and for that I still think I get the better end of the deal. So yeah. We're engaged. How 'bout that? I'd say that I'm "totally psyched," but I don't think that term is still in use (the nineties are over, right?), and even if it were, it really doesn't begin to describe the level of psychedness (that's a word, right?) that's going on here. I'm at a loss for adjectives, frankly.

On a more serious note, I would like to ask for prayers for the two of us as we start the lengthy and complex process of getting hitched, Papist style. We have a meeting set up with our parish tomorrow, from which I have no idea what to expect. I'm sort of picturing something along the lines of the Emerald City scene in The Wizard of Oz, where Deacon Lou speaks from behind a screen of fire and a giant hologram of his head, "WHO DARES APPROACH ME? WHAT DO YOU WANT?" At this point I'm shrinking behind Linds (who for some reason is wearing pigtails and a blue dress, and has a small dog in a basket), and manage to stammer out "M-m-m-me... I... I... I would like to marry Lindsey... s-s-s-s-sir...." Ok, maybe it will be nothing like that at all. maybe I should stop writing this. I can't believe that this paragraph started with "On a more serious note," and ended with The Wizard of Oz.


Kate said...

As I recall, the meeting is a rather dry review of requirements for marrying at Christ the King, which you will leave clutching a load of pamphlets and papers. Both being parishioners since, well, forever, you've got it easy - no tracking down baptismal certificates or trying to prove you haven't been married before.

You do get to choose a) an NFP course, b) a marriage prep weekend course from a list of possibilities, and c) a mentor couple from the parish to do your FOCCUS with. I assume you won't be going to either of your respective folks for that, so you'll have to choose from the two, maybe three other couples.

If you're really unlucky, Deacon Lou will tell you he remembers you as small children and can't believe you're getting married - how old are you, anyway? :-D

Prayers going up. We love you guys.

John Lynch said...

First, congratulations.

Second, second!

die Amerikanerin said...

Congratulations! My first thought was "Oh no, they aren't going to get married before I get back are they?" But then I remembered that you have to wait a year. So... more congratulations!

Alexis said...

Congrats Donal! I did hear long before the post. Actually, Reenie called me immediately after Lindsey called her. You know, sister gossip...Love you both and we're so happy for you! Finally!

Jaimi said...

Holy Cow, D-Cous! I've been out of the blog-loop for too long, I see! My younger sister, who is a freshman here, is chillin' in my room right now on another rainy day at the 'dale, and I introduced her to the People's Republic, and i must say, we're both enjoying our time thoroughly :) Anyway, Congrats, my friend!!!