Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sorry, Another Short Post

Remember when the World's Tallest Man saved those dolphins? I do, that was awesome. The latest news from Mongolia is that he has, at the tender age of 56, tied the knot. The best thing about the article is that apparently Mongolians still do weddings Ghengis Khan-style:

[He] wore a specially designed light blue gown topped with a gold vest, and rode to his bride’s camp in front of the tomb in a cart pulled by two camels... In keeping with Mongolian tradition, the bride’s attendants tried to “stop” Bao from getting into the camp. But they relented after the giant groom’s sincere appeals, and he was offered tea by the bride’s relatives, symbolizing that he had been accepted into her family.

Where can I get an outfit like that? Do they make it in a size 36?


John Lynch said...

You know, I liked the PS2 Wolfman commercial better than the full short. It was more focused. The full short lags a bit in the middle. Granted, they're both great and each has its own place.

Anonymous said...

The story about the tallest man in the world reaching inside two dolphins is the grossest story I have heard in a long while

D.Cous. said...

What? Why? I admit, it's a little gross, but he saved those dolphins' lives, by having the world's longest arms! That doesn't strike you as cool?