Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Situation As It Stands

Ok, first The Bad News: Our planet, according to our brightest and best, is getting warmer at a disturbing rate. Apparently, scientists are calling this "Global Warming." Who knew?

The Good News: Sting is on the case! And not just Sting! Depressed Nineties Guy has joined the fight, as well as that funny-smelling guy who sat behind you in English class's favorite band, not to mention Bon Jovi, a woman old enough to be your mom (not to be confused with Jon Bon Jovi), Snoop Dizzle (f'shizzle), that one dude who sang that one song that all the girls liked last year, and thank the gods, Metallica!


Yes, after having successfully defeated global poverty in 2005 (that happened, right?), the Recording Industry is once again banding together (yuk yuk) to defeat Earth's most fearsome foe yet: Carbon Dioxide Emissions!

Bless you, Recording Industry! Bless you, Sting! Bling!


E. W. Lynch said...

But I love polluting! *grunt snarf* Nothing makes me happier than filling my vast pig like nostrils with smog! *oink* Blast you captain planet! *snork, grunt, snort* Hurry you lugs, start pumping more sewage into this river! I'll be back to *snort* check on you once I've made sure that the carbondioxifier is still going full blast! *snort, oink fart!*

John Lynch said...

Oh, oh, oh!

Can we declare peace on the entire Middle East next year? Once global poverty and pollution are things of the past, I feel like that should be next on the agenda!

die Amerikanerin said...

*witty remark*

saracita said...

Everytime I hear his stupid song I want to hit James Blunt in the face, maybe with a Blunt Object.

D.Cous. said...

Ok, so did any of you guys notice that the Planeteer on the far left is actually colored YELLOW? Is this a coloring mistake or did they really do this in the show?

Sara, I have been wrong before about "every girl" liking something, but I was pretty sure about this one. Are you certain that we're talking about the same James Blunt?