Thursday, May 04, 2006

"See the world in green and blue..."

Hey Reginald! Sorry I haven't written in a long time, I guess I've been busy or something like that. My coughing fits are steadily becoming less frequent and my sinuses are clearing up enough for me to smell the blossoms all over campus, so everything's going fine on that end. I received my first final via e-mail yesterday, so I'll be working on that this afternoon. Then I have to go over some Beaumarchais (Le Mariage de Figaro, upon which is based the italian opera of the same name) and various other French readings from the rest of the semester, but really the stress level's pretty low at the moment. I mean, nothing is due until Monday, and that seems like such a long ways off.
Hey, a paragraph break! I'll probably be hitting the snack bar tonight, which means I'll have to contend with the lady who works there, which (believe me) is no small feat. I don't want to be mean, but this woman may very well be pure evil. Here's a candid photo of her, taken stealthily by one J. Walker (This image is not for the faint of heart): Honestly, she has that expression on her face all the time, like when she's asked politely to make food for money, which requires her to get up from watching television. I'm not kidding, she's just rude to everyone who goes up there, and most people aren't the least bit rude to her. Also, she charges money for ice water, which she already only serves when you buy food. Seriously. I should be safe though, I'll be wearing a cross.
I ran into Mrs. Abel, my tennis instructor from last semester, in lunch today. Considering that the class had two sections of 20-30 people that semester alone, I'm always suprised when I run into her and she remembers me. She wished me well with graduation and everything and we chatted for a few minutes, she's very nice.
I was advised today in random conversation (not with Mrs. Abel) to drink while studying, and then drink right before taking the final, and apparently this will actually improve my chances of getting an A. Yeah, ok buddy. Whatever works for you. I think I'll adhere to more traditional study methods, since they've served me pretty well for the most part during the past few years.
Anyhoo, I'm gonna drag the lappy up the hill and try to find a decent spot outside with some wireless internet action going on, then crack open the books while researching and listening to music on the lappy. Yeah, sometimes it's tough to be me. Try not to feel too sorry for me. Have a wonderful day, Reginald.


jonathan said...

You know what just happened, right? That picture scared off your readership.

D.Cous. said...

Hahaha. So true. I'd better post something else.

Maggie&Suzie said...

she looks like she has elf ears in that picture... and i agree, she looks mean- nice shot j. walker. :) Glad to hear you and lappy are getting on well, and you're being all responsible and such. we think you should come home for softball friday night, followed by karaoke at dan's (with the old johnny cash guy singing every other song) so we can buy you drinks post finals and pre-graduation... :D Love you! Congrats on being done/almost done.