Monday, June 01, 2009

The Impostor

It's a few moments before nine o'clock on a Saturday morning, and not only am I not in bed, I'm an hour's drive from it. And I'm stretching. It's a cloudy morning, cold for this time of year. A light drizzle is falling, and I've just pinned a number onto the front of my t-shirt. And I'm stretching. What am I doing? This is not the sort of thing I do. A few members of the crowd I've joined at the starting line are exchanging friendly taunts. Some are telling each other the time they'd like to finish in, or swapping a few workout tips. Everyone's smiling, chatty, and fidgeting a bit. A few of the guys standing near me allow me to join in their conversation. They're talking about running, which I suppose is a natural starting point for a conversation at a starting line. But they think I'm one of them. The drizzle has let up. I'm cold. I'm tired. I awoke too late to make coffee. Lindsey's still at home, in bed. Probably still asleep, even. Maybe she's sat up by now, and is reading a book, but she's almost certainly still under the covers. I yawn, and rub my eyes one last time. "ON YOUR MARKS! GET SET..." A bullhorn goes off. I'm running. In a race. This is not the sort of thing I do.


rklllama said...

Nice post! How long was the race and how'd you do?

D.Cous. said...

Well, prefaced by the assertion that I don't normally do this sort of thing...

1. It was a 5k (3 miles).

2. This is the funny part. They divided the results by sex/age. So, at first glance, it looks like I did fairly well. I finished second among males 20-25, and the first place winner in that group won the race outright. In between him and me though were 15 other people (I think there were 95 runners total). The man directly in front of me, who I was never quite able to catch, was 59 years old.

So, did I best my last time? Yes, so I'm happy. Am I awesome? No. I am not.