Friday, March 06, 2009

Book Titles Redux

I mentioned a few days ago that I advocate judging a book by its cover, particularly if you've got little or nothing else to go on. I also mentioned (and have been verbally and electronically pilloried for doing so ever since) that I found every woman on earth's favorite book rather boring.

With all that in mind, something about this little work of literature caught my attention. Now that's a good title: it's simple, to the point, grabs your attention, and tells you roughly what to expect from the book.

I thank Kathleen K. and Eric (separately) for the pointer.

By the by, Tyler Cowen, who reads an obscene amount, has some very interesting things to say about judging a book by its cover.


DaWheeze said...

Oh dear. Sounds like "Pride and Prejudice: A Hobbit's Tale" only much, much worse.

M.O.M. said...

Funny! I was seriously considering getting you that book for Christmas or birthday or something. I decided it would be kinda weird coming from your mother-in-law. (But hey, what else is new?)
Maybe when they make it into a movie!

Lindsey said...

AH ha ha aha ha ha ah aha ha ahhahhs h ahha ha aha he hee hee heee

How funny is this????? It's REAL?? Actually Wheeze, I think this is MUCH MUCH MUCH worse than the zombie version. Ick. Ha ha ha ha………… so funny……………

D.Cous. said...

Ok, the Hobbit thing was so bad that I only got through the first paragraph. Wow.

The thing is, The Shire is intentionally a lot like rural England, and if all of the action of The Hobbit and LOTR took place there, and did not involve rings, wraiths, goblins, wars, and evil, then they would be pretty boring, just like P&P.

Kate said...

Hee hee...I didn't tell Liam about this post, and then about a week later he came home with the book. And mentioned that it made him think of you. :-)