Friday, October 24, 2008


I was going to go through my blogroll and update it a bit (and I have, to some extent), but was dismayed by the number of people I've got on there who seem to have taken an extended hiatus from blogging. I've removed a few people who haven't posted in over a year. Perhaps some of you have also changed your blog's address and I missed it, I don't know.

My point, such as it is, is this: If you read my blog (a long shot), and have a blog (probabilistically diminishing), I would like to read it, and link to it. If you have one and haven't used it in a while, what gives? I know, I myself have never posted more than when I had a self-imposed quota for the year of 2007, averaging one (substanceless) post per week. That's not much.

So, good talk. I'll see you out there.


Dean said...

Legally, you know that my blog is at but there is nothing wrong with me pimping it in your comments.

John Lynch said...

I will admit that I was disappointed to note last week that despite the fact that you are the only regular poster on my blog, you also do not link to it. I figured that:

1. You are ashamed to be associated with such a dorky, pathetic, lives-in-Mom's-basement-with-his-calculator-and-Boba-Fett-figurines nerd.
2. You determined that my blog was a little too niche for the average tourist in the People's Republic of D. Cous.
3. It was an oversight.

Either way, please feel free to link me, if you so desire.

E. W. Lynch said...

I swear I am gonna post on my blog again. Someday.

D.Cous. said...

John, I think the reason was some combination of 2 and 3 (yet one that didn't equal a distinct 5), but either way you're up there now.

Given the number of Star Wars references I make on this blog, let alone in day-to-day conversation, I really don't think I could in good conscience exclude someone from my blogroll on account of a (purely hypothetical) Boba Fett figurine.

rklllama said...

I also, have a blog, and happen to read your blog, which I guess makes me qualified. I don't know if you actually want to link to two mama's basement-type blogs, though.

Marty said...

Well, Cous, I only just now stumbled upon your blog, but I finally have and intend to read it...

If you feel like following mine, it's at , but don't feel the need to put it in your blogroll list if you don't feel like it.

Later D.