Monday, March 13, 2006

March Madness

Ok, so this post doesn't really have anything to do with the NCAA tournament, I just have a thing for alliteration. Spring break's rapidly approaching (although hardly rapidly enough), which means that professors think that this week will be a great one for loading up on tests and papers. The thing is, they're probably right. The fact that I'm stressing out all of this week will probably make break itself feel pretty darn good. For that matter, it had darn well better make break feel even better than it otherwise would, or I'll become upset, and goodness knows that the last thing that the men and women who are responsible for my education want is for me to be upset. Yeah. So I got home on Saturday evening to find a friend of mine sitting on the couch hanging out in my house, so being a good host I offered him a glass of wine. Having received said wine, my guest (and The Republic of D.Cous.'s unofficial minister of photography) had the audacity to berate the container in which I had served him his wine. "You serve wine in a canning jar?" Said he, with a look on his face which indicated that he thought the remark was rather clever. "Yeah," I said, pouring myself a Mason jar of my own. "We're classy like that around here." The rest of the evening was spent emptying the bottle of Bloomington, Indianna's finest red wine, discussing philosophy and litterature, and trash-talking while putting one another's nonexistant Soul Caliber II skills to the test. Not that good a game really, but it was a decent diversion at the time. Ahh, college. In case you haven't figured it out by my selection of anecdotes, the weekend was pretty uneventful. Still, I didn't manage to get everything done which I should have, and so here I find myself in the grimy snack bar up the hill, taking a break from reading Oliver Williamson's influential 1985 article on "the governance of contractual relations." Don't let the title put you off though, it's one heluva page turner. The snack bar's one of my favorite study spots, but not for any of its merits, if indeed it has any. The only thing that makes it at all superior to other on-campus locations is that the lighting is much more comfortable, and is not made up of frantically flickering flourescents (dig that alliteration), that gradually corrode one's will to live. Frankly, I think that the reason that I keep coming back to this smoky, dirty, sometimes noisy place is that it's just uncomfortable enough an enviroment to make studying a distraction from it. Anyways, I hope that everyone's having a good week, and I say "everyone" because apparently readership may be up to as many as five people. I'm totally gonna let this get to my head. But seriously, I look forward to seeing those of you who will be in the general vicinity of home next week, and I wish you well.

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