Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'll be home for Christmas...

Heya kids! Sorry that I completely dropped the ball on posting for over two weeks, I hope that someone still reads this. My only excuse is that blogging is rightfully not among the highest of my priorities, and just to give perspective on the last week, neither are sleeping and eating. Still, whiner-uh, martyr that I am, I suffered through it all with herculean fortitude, or something. All in all, finals weren't all that bad, and I managed to take a break on the weekend in the middle of them long enough to bruise my tailbone in an embarrasing sledding accident. I spent the next few days cautiously sitting down in the most comfortable chairs I could find, and then slowly adjusting my weight so as not to put any on the afflicted tailbone. The worst part about the whole sore bum incident was that there was no way to garner the least bit of pity from my peers, who were too amused after hearing that I had fallen on my arse while attempting to sled down a hill standing up on the sled to muster up even the least bit of convincing sympathy. I'm a martyr, what can I say?
In any case, I finished with my last final on Wednesday morning, after spending the night in the snack bar frantically studying for the thing and consuming enough coffee to kill Keith Richards, and on Wednesday evening I headed home, having made sure that I'd forgotten at least one thing that I'd want during my nearly month-long break. In all seriousness, I should plan ahead next time to bring something that I don't need, and then I can plan to forget it, even though I'm also planning to bring it. Much simpler, you see.
The last few days have been pretty busy, but with nothing unpleasant, catching up with friends and family and going to parties and such. Nothing to complain about there, even for me. That's all for now with the life update, but here's one more thing a friend sent to me: If you copy the link below into your web browser, and follow some directions, you should be able to watch a fun video of someone taking this whole Christmas thing entirely too far. Enjoy!

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Maggie&Suzie said...

hey there. good post. its about time :) your faithful readers almost gave up on you. happy break and happy sleep and all that good stuff.